Convert me mp3 review

Convert me mp3 is another site that does Youtube to MP3 conversions on their servers. It also offers the choice of three quality levels for the resulting MP3 file.

What many people don’t seem to know is that, from the videos I looked at, Youtube stores the sound track in either the AAC or the Ogg Vorbis format. Most music players today should not have a problem with either format.

However, when converting to MP3, there is a certain loss of quality caused by the conversion from one format to another.

Ideally, a Youtube to Audio converter would allow you to download the audio stream of the FLV video in its original format without any quality loss.

That being said, sometimes, lower quality files are just fine, for example when the environment they’re listened to is noisy.

Back to Convert me mp3. After entering the video URL, there is a bit of a pause while the video is downloaded from Youtube and converted — time that is conveniently filled with AdSense advertising. After the conversion, the MP3 file can be downloaded.



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